Getting Involved

Programs & Activities

Student Housing Services arranges various programs and activities throughout the year designed to enhance residents’ out-of-classroom experience. Many of these programs are held in the halls or on campus. In addition, trips to concerts, theaters, sporting event(s) and tours can be arranged. Residents are encouraged to attend these programs as each activity provides an opportunity to take a break from the pressures of academics and fosters interaction with fellow residents. Information regarding upcoming events is posted in each community. Residents are encouraged to get involved in program planning and can contact their RA for further details.

Floor/ Hall Meetings

On a periodic basis, RAs will hold floor or hall meetings to inform residents of upcoming events; explain community standards; address community concerns;  and communicate information from Student Housing and/or the University. These meetings offer residents the opportunity to ask questions about housing policies and to meet staff members and other residents. Questions, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcomed.

Community Councils & Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA logoResidents can volunteer to be a member of their Community Council. The RHA is the over-arching organization that represents all students living in Housing at UH-Manoa.  The association works closely with the hall staff and Community Councils to develop and implement programs and activities which meet the needs of the residents. RHA also represents the concerns and issues of hall residents to the Student Housing Services staff and administration. Involvement in the Community Councils and RHA provides residents with the leadership opportunity to implement large scale programming, make lasting friendships, and enhance our residential communities.

Peer Review Board

The Peer Review Board (PRB) is a student-run panel which meets on a regular basis to hear student conduct cases. It is comprised of students from the residence halls/apartments and is advised by professional staff. The purpose of the Board is to provide students with an opportunity to have their case heard and decided upon by a group of their peers, rather than a hearing officer.

If a case is heard by the Board, the Board will have access to all information which is pertinent to the case. This includes the incident report, supporting documentation (statement forms, etc.), the student’s judicial history and standing (i.e. any violations incurred in the past, previous educational sanctions, current judicial standing, etc.), and notes from the initial meeting with the hearing officer. (This is the same level of access afforded to hearing officers.) Please note that as with any judicial proceeding at UH Manoa, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Students wanting more information about PRB, including information about why it might be a suitable option, should speak to a Residence Director.

Student Employment

The Office of Student Housing Services employs over 100 student staff in various positions, such as groundskeeper assistants; office assistants, Community Desk Coordinators, Resident Advisors, and summer conference assistants, to name a few. Some of our position vacancies are posted on our website ( and others are posted through the Career Development and Student Employment website ( 

Last Updated May 6, 2011.