Fire Safety

BEFORE A FIRE: Know the location of all exits from the building and the evacuation zones for your facility. Click here for a map of evacuation zones.

IF A RESIDENT DISCOVERS A FIRE OR SMELLS SMOKE: Sound the building fire alarm. Know the locations of the fire pull stations and how they operate. Do not attempt to fight a fire due to the hazards associated with the products of combustion and the threat of spreading fire.

WHEN THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDS, ALL RESIDENTS AND THEIR GUESTS MUST LEAVE AT ONCE: Lock the room/apartment door. Use the nearest safe exit. Upon exit from the building, proceed to the designated evacuation zone for your facility. Check the fire safety instructions on the back of the room/apartment door for specific instructions for that facility. Do not attempt to re-enter the building until residents are told that they can do so by hall staff.

DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR: Elevator shafts are like chimneys; smoke and heat could enter the elevator shaft thereby asphyxiating the occupants of the elevator.

FEEL THE DOOR THAT LEADS FROM YOUR ROOM: If it is hot or smoke is seeping in, do not open it. If you become trapped and cannot reach the fire exit, keep the door closed and seal off any cracks. Use the telephone to call The Department of Public Safety (956-6911) and give the name and location of the building, the floor and room number. If you do not have a phone, go to the window and signal for help using a white or light colored pillowcase or sheet. DO NOT JUMP. The fire department will assist you.

IF THE DOOR FEELS COOL: Open it cautiously. Be braced to slam it shut if the hall is full of smoke or if you feel heat or pressure against the door. If the hall is clear, proceed to the nearest fire exit.

IF CAUGHT IN SMOKE OR HEAT: Stay low where the air is better; take short breaths (through the nose), until you reach a safe exit or area of refuge.


IMPORTANT: Be sure fire exit doors and hallway doors are kept closed at all times. These doors prevent the spread of noxious smoke and heat should a fire occur. If a resident observes these doors propped or tied open, please close them and report the occurrence to the hall staff or community desk.

Residents with special needs or those who are unable to wake up to alarms should notify the hall staff of any assistance needs.


Fire Prevention Tips

The following tips will help diminish the probability of fire:

  • Never drape anything over lamps or onto lighting fixtures.
  • Do not light candles, or have any uncovered flame. These are not permitted.
  • So not leave cooking or any electrical appliance on and unattended.


Fire Safety EquipmentKaleo fire safety picture. Noelani Hale Aloha

Fire extinguishers, sprinklers, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire alarms, pull boxes, and exit lights are located on each floor. Fire safety equipment should be used in emergency situations only. It is illegal to tamper with or otherwise use fire safety equipment in any non-emergency situation.