Campus Safety

Emergency Call Boxes

Located throughout the UH Mänoa campus are emergency call boxes. These phones can be distinguished by the red box and/or blue light. Emergency call boxes connect callers directly to Campus Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and immediately identify the location of the call box. Call boxes are activated by simply lifting the handset from the cradle or by pressing the button. Remain at the call box for Campus Security officers.


Campus Security Escort Service

Campus Security will provide a point-to-point escort on campus during the hours of darkness for any individual who is faced with no other alternative but to walk alone. This service can be by walking or by vehicle. Residents may request this service by either calling the Campus Security dispatcher at 956-8211 or by using any of the “blue light” emergency call boxes located throughout the campus. Please keep in mind that this is a service provided for the resident’s protection and is not intended to be basic transportation. We encourage people the use of a “buddy” system and to car pool if possible.


General Security Tips for Residence Hall Living

  • Thefts can occur from unlocked residence hall rooms occur while the residents of the room are on the same floor, but have just stepped out for one minute. It takes approximately eight seconds for someone to walk into an unattended room and remove something, such as a wallet or cell phone. Residents should lock their door even when only going to the bathroom or to the room next door.  Lock the door when in the room, especially when asleep.
  • Never leave handbags, billfolds, jewelry, or other valuables unattended in rooms, showers, or lounges. Put them away in a safe place.
  • Strangers loitering in or around residence halls should be reported to Student Housing staff.
  • Do not prop open residence hall doors that are supposed to be closed.
  • Try not to leave small items of value in the room during vacations and long holidays.
  • Residents receiving annoying or obscene phone calls should notify Campus Security at 956-6911, or the resident’s hall staff at once. It may be a prank, but you never know.
  • Do not let strangers into the room or building.


Related  Safety Resources

Campus Security                                                                       956-6911

Counseling and Student Development Center                               956-7927

Gender Equity Specialist                                                            956-9499

Civil Rights Specialist                                                                956-4431

Women’s Center                                                                        956-8059

Vice Chancellor for Students Office                                             956-3290

Information Technology Services Safety Office (internet stalking)  956-2400

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Student Services                   956-9250

Sexual Assault Hotline                                                               524-7273

Domestic Violence Hotline                                                          531-3771

TRO for family/household members                                             538-5959

TRO for non-related/non-household members                               538-5151


All crimes should be reported to Student Housing Services staff AND Campus Security as soon as possible. Campus Security can be reached by phone at 956-8211 (non-emergency) or 956-6911 (emergency).


For additional valuable security service, information, anonymous tips, bomb threats, crime logs and special bulletins visit the Campus Security Web site at