Cable TV

Jumper Cords

Cable TV Jumper cords to connect your cable ready TV to the cable TV outlet are available for pickup at the Student Housing ResNet Support Office in 6ft. & 15ft. lengths. Cable TV Jumper cables are the property of Student Housing Services and are to be left in your room at checkout.

ResNet Office map

The Voice/Data/CATV Jacks

Be sure you plug the correct cable into the correct port in the new jacks. Plugging your phone cable in the data port will damage the port and you may be held responsible for damaging the port. The following picture illustrates the proper placement of Telephone, Internet, and Cable TV cables:

Telephone, Data, Cable TV Outlet

Reporting Problems

Cable TV Problems:

Physical cable TV jack problems (jack pushed in or out of the box) should be reported to ResNet support at (808) 956-6800, M-F 9AM-5PM. 

You may also submit a pilikia and select category: Resnet -> TV -> Broken TV Jack

Report problems with your cable TV service to Oceanic's Customer Care Department at (808) 643-2300, 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Internet Problems:

Problems with your network connection should be reported to ResNet support at (808) 956-6800, M-F 10AM-6PM.

Phone Problems:

Problems with your phone line should be reported to the operator by dialing zero on your phone. If you are unable to use your phone go to your building front desk and call from that phone. Operator hours are normal business days, M-F 8:00AM-4:30PM. To allow a phone technician into your room you are required to fill out a form available at the front desk.