Methods of Payment:

  • Interdepartmental Order: For University of Hawaii departments only.  Interdepartmental Orders should be sent in advance of stay and cover all costs associated with the group, including the security deposit. An Internal Billing will be done after group departure for full payment.
  • Purchase Order: Purchase Orders can be sent for payment in advance of stay.   Purchase Orders must cover all costs associated with the group, including the security deposit. 
  • Credit Card: A credit card form with the cardholder's original signature must be faxed back to our office: (808) 956-5995. Our office will confirm we received your payment via email.     Credit Card Form Download 
  • Check: Personal checks or group/organization checks accepted. Payable to: University of Hawaii 
  • Money Order: International Postal Money Order. Note: This is the most common method of payment from international groups and/or individuals.
  • Cash: Cash is accepted for payment for arrangements or changes made immediately prior to check-in. Cash payments must be made in person at the Student Housing Services Cashiers Office.

Guests are required to follow payment terms and deadlines stated in their contract.  Full payment prior to check-in is required.  Individuals and groups with confirmed Purchase Orders, Interdepartmental Orders, or grants may be exempt from this policy. 

Please feel free to contact our office for questions regarding payment.