Graduate Student Housing

Hale Wainani TitleGraduate Housing is available in the Hale Wainani Apartments

To qualify for Graduate Housing, student must be a registered, full-time UH-Manoa graduate student. Apartment accommodations available to graduate students are one-bedroom units for two occupants, two-bedroom units for four occupants, or two-bedroom units for two occupants. Graduate students may apply for other housing accommodations, but must use either the Prospective Residents or Current Residents housing application.


Additional Information:

The priority process for Graduate Housing spaces will run independently of the standard process and will be based on a student’s assignment priority.

Due to the high demand for space, Student Housing Services needs to provide as much on-campus housing to UH Manoa students as possible. When needed, Student Housing Services may fill the apartments in Graduate Housing area block with single students after all qualified Graduate and Family housing applicants have been offered housing.