Family Housing

HW titleFamily Housing is available in the Hale Wainani Apartments

To qualify for Family Housing, there must be a registered, full-time UH-Manoa student as part of the family unit. Family units include: married couples, married couples with child(ren), parents with dependent children, domestic partners, domestic partners with child(ren). Consideration may also be given for other types of family arrangements.



Requirements and Restrictions for Family Housing:

  • At least one apartment occupant must be a student and must be enrolled full-time at UH-Manoa for the duration of the contract.
  • Students with children must provide a copy of the Birth Certificate for each child residing in the apartment.
  • Students with partners must provide a certified copy of legal documentation that demonstrates that the student and partner have entered into a marriage, domestic partnership or civil union.


    Students with partners must show joint responsibility for each other’s common welfare. Shared financial obligations may be demonstrated by submitting copies of two of the following documents:
    • Joint mortgage or lease
    • Reciprocal beneficiary documentation
    • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary of life insurance
    • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary of retirement death benefit
    • Joint checking account



  • The student and domestic partner intend to remain in a domestic partnership with each other indefinitely.
  • The student and domestic partner are both at least 18 years of age.
  • The student and domestic partner have a common residence and intend to reside together indefinitely.
  • Neither the student nor domestic partner is a member of another domestic partnership or marriage.

Eligibility documents must be provided at the time the signed contract is returned to Student Housing Services in order to qualify for Family Housing.