Hale Aloha Panoramic

Assignment Terms & Conditions

  • Upon receipt of your contract offer, you will be required to make a minimum payment of $400 by a specified deadline to accept your contract. Payment and deadline requirements are mandatory even for scholarship and financial aid recipients.
  • All campus-housing applicants must be accepted into classified programs of study and have paid the university's tuition deposit at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to be eligible for housing placement. 
  • Residents must be enrolled as full-time students during each semester of the academic year.  A minimum of 12 credits (undergraduate), or 8 credits (graduate) per semester, is required to be a full-time student.
  • The housing contract is not transferable; residents may not sublease their assigned space.
  • Hall assignments are subject to availability, assignment priority, and a computer-generated random lottery number.  While given consideration, applicant preferences cannot be guaranteed.  Applicants may elect to remove themselves from the assignment process if none of their choices are available.
  • Requests for specific roommates or rooms are given consideration but are not guaranteed.  Roommate requests must be mutual and must have matching hall preferences.
  • Participation in the meal program is required for those living in the residence halls.  Meal plans for apartment residents (Hale Wainani and Hale Noelani) are optional.
  • Student Housing Services reserves the right to reassign students as necessary.
  • All students reapplying for UHM Student Housing must be in good academic and judicial standing with Student Housing Services and the University of Hawaii.
  • Modified facilities for students with documented disabilities and/or special needs that require an on-campus accommodation are available for those who apply by the assignment priority deadline.  Students with special needs and/or disabilities requiring modification or accommodation, e.g., accessible shower, single room, service animal, to create equal access to the living facility and/or program will be asked to provide written verification of their special need after placement.  Residents who are unable to properly attend to their personal care needs will be required to arrange for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) at their own cost.
  • Applicants who need air-conditioned accommodations due to a verifiable health-related condition will be assigned to Hale Anuenue or Frear Hall. Students who notify the housing office of their need after receiving their assignment or at any time during their residency will be transferred to either hall. Applicants or residents who cannot reside in either hall must provide a written request for a waiver with supporting documents, must rent an air conditioner provided by Student Housing and pay a monthly fee.
  • Construction, renovations, and/or repairs of existing and new residence halls and adjacent areas on the UH Manoa campus are scheduled to occur throughout the year. Every effort will be made to expedite this work and to minimize disruptions and inconveniences to residents. The Student Housing office reserves the right to relocate residents affected by noise, dust, etc to alternate facilities if necessary.