University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Student Housing Services

Latest News and Updates:

  • Cable TV Service (6/23/2016)

    As a result of student feedback and analysis of data usage, Student Housing is no longer providing cable television service to our residents. Our current focus is to upgrade the network connectivity within our residential community by increasing the available bandwidth to all residents.

    While we are certain that this change will benefit the majority of our residents, we understand that some residents will be disappointed. Our ResNet support team may be able to assist you with alternative suggestions to watch your favorite programming. They may be contacted by calling 956-6800.

  • Dole Street access open, Lower Campus gate closed (6/20/2016)

    Roadway repaving at Frear Hall and Hale Aloha is complete.  Dole Street access is now open and the Lower campus gate is closed.

Phishing emails were sent out to various email addresses using the email address as the "from address".
The subjects for the emails included "Yahoo! Mail Termination" and "Quotation Enquiry From Hong Kong" and "You have one new message from"
We have reported this to ITS and taken steps to secure the account.
If you clicked on the link and provided your UH Username and UH Password, we recommend that you change your password by going to If you have problems accessing your account contact the ITS help desk at (808) 956-8883.
Student housing will never ask you to provide your UH password via a Google Form or other online form. Password authentication used by Student Housing is handled by UH's weblogin service (see, the weblogin page will begin with 
For more information about Phishing at UH, go to:
To subscribe to the phishing-alert email list, go to:
For information about UH's Free antivirus software, go to:

Remember to update your mailing address on your MyUH account. This will ensure that refund checks are sent to your correct address. Note that mailing addresses which do not include apartment numbers (if applicable), will not be delivered by the postal service.

If you have a US bank checking or savings account, refunds can be deposited directly into your account via eRefund. Sign up for eRefund through your MyUH account.

See archive for past announcements.

  • Phishing Alert: "You have one new message from" (November 10, 2015)

    • Expecting a Refund (security deposit, etc..)? (May 7, 2015)