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Storm Update for Student Housing 10/17/14

Ana is expected to impact Oahu Saturday and Sunday. Ana may bring periods of heavy rains and high winds. The weather may cause flash floods, high surf, and potentially impact electricity and water service on-campus.

For up to date forecasts, please visit:

All Halls and Apartments will maintain full operations during this weather event. Additionally, Food Service will continue to operate out of Hale Aloha Cafeteria over the weekend with normal hours of operation. In the event that the power goes out, food will be served in Gateway Cafeteria with normal hours of operations.


  • Residents should stay inside during the storm
  • Stay out of the water or away from the shoreline
  • If power is lost, please use flashlights and do not use candles
  • Close windows during the storm due to wind and rain
  • Close window blinds during period of high winds

If forecasts or conditions change, Student Housing Services staff will update residents via email, building notices and door-to-door.

If you have any questions, please contact your community’s front desk, building staff or On-call staff.

Storm Notice

Indications are that Tropical Storm Ana will become a hurricane and continue on a track that takes it toward the islands this weekend. The track and intensity of the storm are still subject to change. At this time, forecasters are uncertain how Ana will impact Oahu.

Even though there is some uncertainty to its impact, Student Housing has begun preparing for the storm. As the storm approaches, we will continue to inform residents through use of email, postings on the Student Housing website and through the building staffs.

Before the storm, there are ways that you can prepare:

  1. Purchase a flashlight and batteries or glow-sticks (do not buy candles).
  2. If you already have a flashlight, make sure the batteries are fresh.
  3. Purchase water and non-perishable food and snack (cafeterias will be open if the storm hits)
  4. Be sure to fully charge your portable electronics (phones, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact your RA or RD/ARD.


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