BA Student Spotlight

Spencer Oshita

“I decided very early in high school that I was going to study history in college. I had some extraordinary teachers who made learning history more than just a chore. Originally, I had been interested in American history, but after taking Euro in my senior year, I decided to concentrate my studies on European history. My areas of interest include the Renaissance, the French Revolution, German Unification and the interwar and Cold War periods.

“I’m also an English major, an American Studies minor, and I’m pursuing a certificate with the Political Science department. I work what feels like a full-time job at Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi, our campus newspaper. I think pursuing my passion for history was one of the best decisions I made. People spend too much time worrying about majors and future careers that they don’t necessarily want or like, but I think college is a space for exploration and an opportunity to do all the things you’ve wanted to do before it’s too late.

“There are so many different periods of history to study, and history takes place all around us. UH offers a fantastic opportunity for us to explore the past with some of the best and most intelligent professors who can equip students with the tools to learn and succeed. I’m proud to be a part of the department, and I look forward to all the classes I’ll be taking with them in the future.”

Spencer Oshita is Editor-in-Chief at Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi, the UHM Student College Newspaper.