MA Alumni Voices

Noah Dolim

“Being a member of the History Department at UH-Mānoa was an invaluable experience in my academic journey. As a historian of Hawai‘i, there is no place I would have rather been at than Mānoa. I took an array of graduate seminars, ranging from Hawaiian archival research to U.S.-Foreign Relations to Ethnographic History. Seminars were one of my favorite parts of the graduate program because of the diversity of professors, students, and course materials. I think this is why many students from other departments enrolled in our History seminars. I worked closely with professors and peers who truly cared about my success, and that pushed me to keep improving as a historian and to produce quality research.”

Noah Dolim’s research interests include tourism, travel writing, race, and empire. His Master’s thesis focused on narrative themes in travel writing from the mid-late 1800s to early 1900s. He is now pursuing a PhD in History at UC Irvine.

Ed Hoogland


“The Master’s degree program offered by the Department of History at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa was a great fit for me because of its flexibility, diversity of courses offered, the friendly faculty, and my fellow students. My advisor guided me through my thesis research by providing valuable feedback, listening to my apprehensions while pushing me forward, and giving me career advice tailored to helping me reach my goals.”

Ed Hoogland is now a history instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Misha Matsumoto


“I knew that I wanted to delve deeper into the understanding of popular culture’s relevance and importance in American history and looked for a program that would support my research. UHM’s history department is the only program on Oahu that has a master’s in history with courses that specifically pertain to popular culture. My committee chair, Dr. Margot Henriksen, was very supportive and encouraging about my area of research.”

Misha Matsumoto is a full-time American history teacher at a private school on Oʻahu.