Robert E. McGlone

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Associate Professor

U.S: Nineteenth-Century, Social History, Biography; Memory in History


BA, PhD UCLA, 1954, 1972

Representative publications:

  • "John Brown's War Against Slavery" (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
  • "Deciphering Memory: John Adams and the Authorship of the Declaration of Independence," Journal of American History (1998).
  • "John Brown, Henry Wise, and the Politics of Insanity," in His Soul Goes Marching On, ed. Paul Finkelman (1995).
  • "Forgotten Surrender: John Brown's Raid and the Cult of Martial Virtues," Civil War History (1994).
  • "Rescripting a Troubled Past: John Brown's Family and the Harper's Ferry Conspiracy," Journal of American History (1989).

John Brown's War against Slavery