HIST 421: China in World History (WI)

Prof. Wensheng Wang
TR 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Fall 2018 | CRN: 89273 | Section 001
Focus Designation: Writing Intensive


This upper-division course surveys China’s three-millennium history (from the Xia dynasty to the present) by placing it in wider regional and global contexts. It is organized thematically around China’s intensive interaction with the outside world, including the Silk Road, the spread of Confucianism and Buddhism, Mongol expansions, foreign trade (silver and tea), tributary system and diplomacy, and environmental change. The overarching goal is to examine China’s changing position, significance, and function in the evolution of world history as a way to provide a better understanding of its past and present.


  • Paul S. Ropp, China in World History