Professor Vina Lanzona awarded Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize

Professor Lanzona was awarded the Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize for her book, "Amazons of the Huk Rebellion", as announced at the annual Phi Alpha Theta conference on March 12, 2011.


The Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize is sponsored by the Department of History at Brigham Young University - Hawai‘i, and is awarded for the best history book written by a resident of Hawai‘i.


Congratulations on this fine achievement, Dr. Lanzona!



Judges Statement - March 12, 2011


For books published in 2008, 2009 and 2010, the 2011 recipient of the Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize is Vina A. Lanzona for her book, Amazons of the Huk Rebellion: Gender, Sex, and Revolution in the Philippines(Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2009).  Professor Lanzona has examined the impact of the women who participated in the rebellion against centralizing government in the 1950s Philippine Islands.  The work excels in its management of oral history methodology which yields a new approach to the movement, revealing parallels to recent work on the women of Sendero Luminoso and Chiapas.  It is a boon to comparative history and gender relations as well as to Southeast Asian history.  It will be required reading in courses on Modern World Revolutions because of its accessibility as well as range.    It is a brilliant and innovative work that students can read. 


For its masterful methodology and its meaningful recovery of the past in the form of a readable monograph, the Hawaii Chapters of Phi Alpha Theta take great pride in presenting the Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize to Vina Lanzona.  We extend to her our most sincere congratulations.