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Study Participation

Do you use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to learn about political candidates and political issues, as well as discuss political candidates and political issues? Are you interested in advancing the sciences? If so, you can help by participating in one (or more) of the exciting research opportunities available through our lab!

Qualifying candidates will receive remuneration for their participation (a gift card worth $25)! For participants traveling to the UH campus, we will also pay for parking in the lower campus parking structure.

Longitudinal study

We are conducting a longitudinal study to better understand how social media is used as part of the political deliberation process. In other words, we are interested in learning how people use social media to learn about political candidates and political issues, as well as discuss political candidates and political issues. Ultimately, our goal is to inform the design of new social media tools that can help people more effectively participate in the deliberation process.

People who wish to participate in the longitudinal study must only committ to an initial interview, lasting from half an hour to an hour. Interviews can be conducted in person at any location that is convenient to you, or through technology like the telephone or Skype. If you don't live in Hawaii do not let this deter you; we wish to recruit people from across the United States! All of the data we collect, as per University policy, will remain confidential and anonymous. Opportunities to continue with the project are available, as we would also like to measure your use of social media for political deliberation once a month (for half an hour) following the interview.

Lab Experiments

We are also conducting ongoing laboratory experiments at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. Experiments typically last for approximately one hour, and are followed by a 15-minute exit interview. We recently concluded an experiment and are in the process of designing a new one which should go live in mid-July.

To Volunteer

If you're interested in participating in the longitudinal study, our laboratory experiments, or both, please fill out the volunteer form and we will be sure to contact you with any upcoming opportunities we might have.

Alternatively, you may also contact us directly at hichi@hawaii.edu! Please indicate what you are interested in (experiments, the longitudinal study, or both) and provide us with your name, e-mail address and phone number, so that we can contact you and schedule a time and date for you to participate.

As per University of Hawaii requirements, all participants who wish to receive a gift card or cash (as compensation for their much appreciated effort) are required to provide their Social Security Number (SSN) and address. In the event that any individual receives $600 or more for contributions to studies, the university is required to file tax documents. As such, it collects personal information any time a person receives money or gift cards from the university.

Again, we understand that your personal information deserves the utmost protection, which is why we have safeguards in place to maintain the confidentiality of your information. We will keep the records in a locked, secure location. Our lab does not retain this information after passing it on to the university.

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