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Visiting Researcher Storm: Ravi, Sean, and Raghava

It’s winter so we should have a blizzard, but in Hawaii it seems to be a blizzard of visiting researchers. During the week of Jan. 9, the HICHI lab will be hosting:

  • Dr. Sean Goggins, Computer Science Department, University of Missouri
  • Dr. Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School
  • Dr. Ravi Vatrapu, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School

Ravi was a postdoc in the HICHI lab, a researcher in the LILT lab, and a Ph.D. student of Dan Suthers in the CIS program.

We will be planning some socio-technical research for the coming year!

They are also giving talks as follows:

raviMonday, 1/9, 4:30, Hamilton 2K
Social Set Analysis: A Set Theoretical Approach to Big Data Analysis
Dr. Ravi Vatrapu


GogginsHeadShotThursday, 1/12, Noon, POST 318B (ICSpace)
Computational Intelligence Pipelines: Imagination and Reality
Dr. Sean Goggins



raghava1Thursday, 1/12, 4:30, POST 126
Multi-Dimensional Text Analytics: Concepts, Methods, Tools and Findings
Dr. Raghava Rao Mukkamala