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Philipp Jordan’s Work Highlighted in MIT Technology Review

Congratulations to ICS graduate student and HICHI lab member Philipp Jordan who had his work highlighted in MIT Technology Review. Phil studies how science fiction inspires human-computer interaction research and design.

The Tech Review article was inspired by Phil et al’s most recent paper:  Exploring the Referral and Usage of Science Fiction in HCI Literature.


Dr. Misa Maruyama at CSCW 2017

HICHI alumna, Dr. Misa Maruyama, presented her paper, “Social Watching a Civic Broadcast: Understanding the Effects of Positive Feedback and Other Users’ Opinions,” in February at the 20th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW ’17) in Portland, Oregon.

Abstract: “People increasingly turn to social media to augment their broadcast viewing experience with a parallel stream of information and opinion. Known as “social watching,” the practice of integrating broadcast media and social media has become routine for many citizens tracking live events and breaking news. In a controlled laboratory study, we examined how interactivity and exposure to social media opinions influence a sense of community, attitudes and discussion elaboration. The results suggest that receiving positive feedback to social media posts instills a psychological sense of community in the poster, and this feeling of connectedness is related to greater elaboration of the civic social media discussion. Secondly, the study found support for conformity effects. The third contribution of this work is a better understanding of how the valence of others’ social media posts and the user’s posting activity influences cognitive elaboration of social media discussions during social watching in civic contexts.”

Visiting Researcher Storm: Ravi, Sean, and Raghava

It’s winter so we should have a blizzard, but in Hawaii it seems to be a blizzard of visiting researchers. During the week of Jan. 9, the HICHI lab will be hosting:

  • Dr. Sean Goggins, Computer Science Department, University of Missouri
  • Dr. Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School
  • Dr. Ravi Vatrapu, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School

Ravi was a postdoc in the HICHI lab, a researcher in the LILT lab, and a Ph.D. student of Dan Suthers in the CIS program.

We will be planning some socio-technical research for the coming year!

They are also giving talks as follows:

raviMonday, 1/9, 4:30, Hamilton 2K
Social Set Analysis: A Set Theoretical Approach to Big Data Analysis
Dr. Ravi Vatrapu


GogginsHeadShotThursday, 1/12, Noon, POST 318B (ICSpace)
Computational Intelligence Pipelines: Imagination and Reality
Dr. Sean Goggins



raghava1Thursday, 1/12, 4:30, POST 126
Multi-Dimensional Text Analytics: Concepts, Methods, Tools and Findings
Dr. Raghava Rao Mukkamala

Nurit’s Newest Publication!

IDC2016Nurit Kirshenbaum and Scott Robertson. 2016. Set&Motion: Tool for Authoring Interactive Stories with Sensors and Actuators. In Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (IDC ’16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 554-559. DOI:

Children participating in animatronic puppet show workshops are tasked with hands-on activities that exercise both creative and technical skills culminating in a unique learning experience. In this paper, we describe Set&Motion, an authoring tool that supports the creation of animatronic puppet shows. It supports capturing sound and describing the puppet’s animation for any animatronic show. In addition, users can create more complex story flows and allow viewers to interact with the show using sensors embedded in the puppet or its surroundings. It promotes the use of a state diagram to describe non-linear storylines, and may be useful for Computer Science education.