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Information Polity Publication

Congratulations to lab members Sara Douglas, Roxanne Raine, and Misa Maruyama, and lab alumnus Bryan Semaan, on our latest publication:


Sara Douglas, Roxanne B Raine, Mara Maruyama, Bryan Semaan, Scott P Robertson. 2015. Community matters: How young adults use Facebook to evaluate political candidates. Information Polity 20 (2, 3), 135-150

HICHI at CSST 2015

The 2015 Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST) is being attended by Scott Robertson, graduate student Misa Maruyama, and former HICHI postdoc Bryan Semaan. Here are Misa and Bryan taking a little downtime on the deck of The Nature Center in Colorado.MisaAndBryanAtCSST

Keynote at the Copenhagen Seminar on Computational Social Science

cbsScott Robertson will deliver the keynote address at the 2014 Copenhagen Seminar on Computational Social Science. The keynote title is “The Core of Data Science Is Human Science.” The seminar takes place on Dec. 4, 2014 at Copenhagen Business School. Other talks are by Sune Lehman, Luca Rossi, Michael Carl, Daniel Hardt, Sean Goggins, Nicolai Pogrebnyakov, and (HICHI alum) Ravi Vatrapu.