Research Studies Enrolling New Participants

We provide access to national and local clinical research trials and studies for persons with HIV in Hawaii, funded by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies. Trial enrollment is open to the general public.

Open Enrollment

(Last updated June 5, 2020)

H051: Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Clinical Trial of the Safety and
Efficacy of Telmisartan for the Mitigation of Pulmonary and Cardiac Complications in COVID-
19 Patients

Interested? Call Cris @ 692-1335

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 you may be eligible


H043: Role of Monocyte/Macrophage in HIV related Cardiovascular Risk

Interested? Call Cris @ 692-1335

We are looking to compare cardiovascular risk for people who are HIV positive and people who are HIV negative.

  • Interested in having your cholesterol levels evaluated as part of a study?
  • We need both HIV negative and positive people to participate
  • We are looking for people 40 years of age or older
  • We will draw your blood
  • Perform an ultrasound on your carotid artery
  • All tests on study are free to you
  • Financial compensation available


For Patients

What is a research study?

HIV / AIDS clinical trials are carefully designed research studies that involve people and are designed to answer specific questions about safety and effectiveness of treatment for HIV / AIDS and related conditions.

Clinical trials are vitally important because there are no other direct ways to learn how different people respond to medications, treatments, or therapeutic approaches. Clinical trials are also called research studies or protocols.

All approved treatments for HIV / AIDS must be tested through clinical trials before they can be marketed to treat HIV infection or related conditions. HIV / AIDS clinical trials may provide critical information that can help people to live longer, healthier and more comfortable lives.

Enrolling in Trials

HICFA has opportunities to enroll in both HIV+ and HIV- trials. Click here for a list of research studies now enrolling.