DXA Machine Services

DXA Services:
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Hawaii Center for AIDS – DXA Core Facility
Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA) is an imaging scan that is used to determine the density of bone to assess its strength. It is a standard method for diagnosing osteoporosis (“FRAX” method) and fracture risk.

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The DXA measures bone density (useful in osteoporosis diagnosis and research) and also can measure the amounts of fat and muscle by regions of the body. DXA is useful for studying metabolic diseases, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and in fitness studies examining how to build muscle and strength. Currently, the machine is used for research on frailty in the elderly and bone density changes related to HIV and various therapies.

If you’re interested in using the DXA machine for your own studies, please contact us for the rates of using our DXA machine for research.