Advisory Council

The HCWEC Advisory Council is chaired by the principal investigator, Dr. Francie Julien-Chinn, and comprised of representatives from the Department of Human Services, community service providers, the Judiciary, a HCWEC Scholar representative, a former foster youth representative and a foster parent representative. The purpose of the committee is to help guide training for future child welfare social workers by providing expertise as we discuss the HCWEC curriculum and collaborating in tackling any challenges we face.

Council Chair
Dr. Francie Julien-Chinn, HCWEC Principal Investigator

The current members are: 
1.  Cathy Betts, Deputy Director, DHS
2. Elladine Olevao, Child Welfare Services Branch Administrator
3. Sonja Bigalke-Brannon, MSW Executive Director of NASW-HI
4. James Bott, Social Worker & Foster Parent, Department of Education
5. Eva Chau, MSW, Vice President of Programs of Family Programs Hawaiʻi (HCWEC Alumni)
6. Judith Clark, MPH, Executive Director, Hawaii Youth Services Network
7.  Robin DeRego, Wrap Facilitator, EPIC Ohana (HCWEC Alumni)
8.  Thomas Haia, JD, Resource Caregiver
9.  Laurie Jicha, MSW Department of Human Services Staff Development
10. Faye Kimura, Court Administrator
11.  Cheryl Ann Mendez, Program Administrator, Catholic Charities
12. Stephen Morse, Executive Director of Blueprint for Change
13. Dean Nagamine, GAL
14. Korrine Oki, Wrap Director, EPIC Ohana
​15. Kayle Perez, ACSW, LSW, Child Welfare Services Branch Administrator 

16. Cheri Tarutani, MSW, LCSW, HCWEC Project Manager of UHM School of Social Work (HCWEC Alumni)
17. Rachel Thorburn, MA, MSW, Acting Program Development Administrator Child Welfare Services Branch (HCWEC Alumni)
18. Sabrina Tran, Program Director Early Intervention & Family Strengthening, PACT
19. Kristine Tuitama, Program Manager, Hawaiʻi Child Welfare CQI Project at UH Maui College
20.  Deborah Zysman, MPH, Executive Director- Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network
21.  Causha Spellman, MSW, Wrap Facilitator, EPIC Ohana