Described are some general directions that fit within the research program of HBCR workgroup.

Childhood Obesity

  • Addressing underserved, high risk, or minority populations
  • Environmental change (e.g. school gardens)

Older Adult Health Behaviors

  • Promoting independent living

Technology and Health

  • Technology for measuring health behaviors
  • Robots as health promoters
  • Interactive tailored behavior change

Proposed Project Support:

Described are the levels funding required to conduct projects that would be part of the research program for the HBCR Workgroup. These are examples and estimates. Specifics would be discussed with potential supporters.

Pilot project funding- $30,000 - $150,000/year (e.g., Piloting how to get parents involved in childhood obesity prevention; Testing a multiple health behavior change intervention to improve older adult’s quality of life).

Full project funding- $200,000 - $500,000/year (e.g., Train teachers from schools (elementary, middle and high) in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianna Islands (CNMI aka Saipan) to teach active PE to prevent childhood obesity; Develop a robot that is a companion for older adult to continue to live independently).

Sunset Clause:
Within 5 years of Operational Financial Investment.