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(Co-PI Nigg, PI Camonia Long)


This is a collaboration with Waipahu High school to describe the health behaviors of participating adolescents and their families, to determine the influence of parents and peers on the health behaviors of participating adolescents and older adults, and to educate their students in the research process and to promote students to actively conduct research projects in the health behavior area.

R34-DE022272-01 (PI, Multiple PIs)

09/01/11 - 08/31/13


Mino’aka-Integrating Social, Behavioral, & Preventive Sciences to Reduce Children’s Caries

To improve the oral health and reduce disparities of children in Hawaii, we are implementing an effective school-based caries prevention program that leverages social networks to effect social change.

Specifically, the objetives of this project are to develop a Manual of Procedures (MOPs) to carry out social network analysis, targeted behavior change, dental examination and prevention, and impact assessment of a pilot study on oral health of at-risk children.


Read more: Mino'aka

ASO 13-113 Hawaii DOH (PI Nigg, Multiple PIs)
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division

State Epidemiological Outcome Workgroup (SEOW) Project

This project is to create state and county profiles for alcohol and substance use, provide trainings on the profiles, and reinvigorate the SEOW.

1R01HD057229-01A2 (PI Nigg, Multiple PIs)

IPLAY-The Impact of an Environmental and Curriculum Change on Children's Obesity Related Behaviors

iplayThis project examines the effects of a physical change to the built environment in combination with a curriculum intervention on elementary school children’s obesity related behaviors.