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The original Hawaiian Legends Index was primarily the work of Mrs. Lillian Ching, who was a librarian in the Hawaiʻi & Pacific Section of the Hawaiʻi State Library. She began this project in 1950. Other librarians added to the index as new anthologies of legends were published. In 1989, a new edition of the index was made available, edited by Dr. Masae Gotanda, then the Director of the Hawaiʻi State Library.

This edition is a revision of the 1989 edition, adding over 1,000 new entries from twenty-six Hawaiian legend anthologies. Although every attempt was made to keep the index accurate, the user is advised that there have been many reprints and versions of some of the legend anthologies, and, therefore, page numbers may be different. In addition, there may be inaccuracies that escaped us during proofreading, (Please contact us if we need to make a correction.)

Also please note that we made a conscious decision to leave out diacritics in the index, because it was difficult to apply the kahako, the diacritics do not always translate from one digital program to another, and it was difficult to maintain sorting alphabetically with the diacritics.

Another thing to keep in mind is that despite the fact that this is called the Hawaiian Legends Index, some legends from other parts of Polynesia are included.

The Hawaiʻi State Public Library System is grateful for the many hours of work done by various librarians who had a part in the project over the years, and for the many student helpers who assisted with data entry.

David Del Rocco
Louise Storm
Linda Sueyoshi
Patrick McNally
Hawaiʻi State Library
February 2010