Bob Krauss in his office Bob Krauss Research Index
an index of English-language newspapers from Hawaiʻi, 1840-1944
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Index created by:
Bob Krauss

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Photo used with permission of the Honolulu Advertiser / Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Copyright 2006.


About the Bob Krauss Research Index

Bob Krauss (1924-2006) wrote for the Honolulu Advertiser for fifty five years, from 1951 through 2006. He did his research the old fashioned way - by talking to people and by churning through microfilm and taking notes on index cards. Over time these cards came to fill 22 card file drawers, stored front and center on Krauss' office desk.

The newspapers Krauss turned to were:

  • the Honolulu Advertiser and its predecessor the Pacific Commercial Advertiser (published since 1856)
  • the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (published under various titles since 1870)
  • the Polynesian (1840-1841, 1844-1864)

The bulk of Krauss' indexing covered newspaper articles published between 1840 and 1944.

To a lesser degree, Krauss also indexed other publications, and information he gathered through personal interviews and correspondence. He annotated most of his index entries with notes and explanations that provide context and information not typically found in formal newspaper indexes.

The index is by no means comprehensive in subject or time coverage. It largely reflects Krauss' research interests. Nonetheless it provides critical starting points into Hawaiʻi's newspaper literature, covering periods of time and subjects in newspaper titles that have been formally indexed nowhere else.


We thank the Krauss family for allowing us to make this index available to the public; and the University Research Council, John and Barbara Stephan, and the Ifuku Family Foundation for their financial support.

For technical support, we thank the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library's Desktop Network Support department for bringing the Krauss index into an online format. In particular, we thank Alice Tran, Daniel Ishimitsu and Wing Leung for their work on the original Streetprint site.

We also extend our thanks to the many students who worked on this project, among whom Alan Vandermyden stands out for his dedication to the project.

Finally, we extend special thanks to Margaret Lui, whose hundreds of volunteer hours took us to the finish line.