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Since its founding in 2006, Hā Kūpuna has built a fruitful relationship with our partner National Resource Centers (NRCs), the National Resource Center on Native American Aging at the University of North Dakota (NRCNAA) and the National Resource Center of American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiian Elders at the University of Alaska, Anchorage (NRCAIANNH) to serve the needs of Alaska Natives, Native Americans and Native Hawaiian elders. We are encouraged by the variety of ways we can collaborate with one another in providing support to our native communities, in particular, the local Title VI programs we each serve.

Currently, NRCNAA, NRCAIANNH and Hā Kūpuna are identifying collaborative projects that we can pursue as a team. In the coming years the centers plan to strengthen their mutual support by addressing primary concerns and priority areas identified by the Administration on Aging through joint projects such as health and exercise, and the development of a qualitative research protocol for native elders. We look forward to sustaining a collaborative relationship benefitting all of the NRCs by continuing to pool our resources and collective expertise. Through growing these partnerships we can truly enhance services to elders within the Native Hawaiian, American Indian and Native Alaskan communities.