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Advisory Councils

Partner Organizations Advisory Council

The Partner Organizations Advisory Council (POAC) is comprised of community leaders who represent organizations serving older adults in Hawai`i. The POAC assists with the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions, ensuring that the Center is anchored in community-driven priorities. The members also facilitate the dissemination of information to aging networks.


Kealoha Takahashi, BA (Chair)
Executive on Aging,
Kaua`i County Agency on Elderly Affairs

Elizabeth Meahl, MPH (Vice‐Chair)
Director of Elderly Services, Kumu Kahi

Nalei Akina, MPA
Lunalilo Home and Trust

Deborah Arendale, MA, CSAC
Executive on Aging
Maui County Office on Aging

Sister Alicia Damian Lau, MSN, MPH
COO of O`ahu Care Facility
Pearl‐City Nursing Home, KM

Wesley Lum, PhD
Director, Executive Office on Aging
Hawai`i State Department of Health

Carol Makainai, MSW
Information and Assistance Coordinator
City and County of Honolulu Elderly Affairs Division

Alan Parker, BA
County Executive
Hawai`i County Office of Aging

Karen Teshima
Executive Assistant to Mayor Billy Kenoi
Office of the Mayor, Hawai`i Island

Cheryl Vasconcellos
Executive Director
Hāna Health