Visiting Students

Occasionally, a graduate program may wish to invite a student to undertake a prescribed course of study at UHM without seeking a degree. The non-degree-seeking student must be in good academic standing and actively pursuing a graduate degree in a regionally accredited U.S. college or university, or an equivalent degree in a recognized non-U.S. institution of higher education. If granted, the visiting student status is generally limited to a period of one year. Visiting students are not eligible for financial support from UHM. International visiting students must comply with certain enrollment regulations. See International Students > Enrollment Regulations.

In order to host a visiting student, the graduate program shall have the student submit a completed Visiting Graduate Student Admissions Application to Graduate Division Student Services. International visiting students are also required to show proof of sufficient funding. Visiting students are not required to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores.   Graduate programs interested in inviting international visitors for the sole purpose of research or training should contact the Office of International Education for information.

A visiting student who subsequently decides to become a degree-seeking graduate student at UHM needs to apply for graduate admission by following the admissions procedures for prospective students. Admission as a visiting student does not guarantee subsequent admission as a degree-seeking graduate student.