ProQuest ETD Submission & Publication

ProQuest ETD is the service UHM Graduate Division uses for the electronic submission of all theses, doctoral papers and dissertations.  Electronic submission of your final thesis, doctoral paper, or dissertation cannot be made prior to the first day of the semester in which you will graduate. Submission deadlines are strictly enforced and your manuscript must be submitted to ProQuest ETD no later than 4:00 pm HST on the last day of the semester (UHM Academic Calendar). No exceptions of late submissions will be accepted. You will automatically be postponed to the following graduation semester if you submit your manuscript past the deadline and must register appropriately in the semester you graduate.

You are strongly encouraged to submit your final manuscript to ProQuest ETD at least 4 weeks prior to the end of the semester. This will allow time to confirm that all of your graduation requirements are met in a timely manner and to avoid delays in your degree conferral.

Note: The accuracy of your manuscript -- which includes the title page, format, content, copyright permissions, etc -- is the responsibility of your respective thesis or doctoral committee chairperson.  The Style and Policy Manual may be used for basic guidance on formatting.

Procedures for Submitting your Dissertation, Doctoral Paper, or Thesis

Graduation Checklist for PhD/Doctoral Candidates
Graduation Checklist for Masters Plan A


After you have written your final approved manuscript and followed the steps on your respective graduation checklist, you are now ready to electronically submit your thesis, doctoral paper, and/or dissertation manuscript to ProQuest ETD. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Convert your FINAL APPROVED thesis, doctoral paper, or dissertation to a standard PDF File.
  2. Upload your PDF manuscript to ProQuest ETD: . Follow the instructions on the website.  You will NOT be allowed to modify, delete, or make any changes once you have submitted your manuscript.
  3. If you have successfully uploaded your manuscript, an email message is sent to the Graduate Division Student Services Office of your e-submission.
  4. After your thesis, doctoral paper, or dissertation submission has been verified, you will receive an email notification from ETD ProQuest that your submission has been approved for delivery to ProQuest.

Proquest ETD Support Staff: 877-408-5027

NOTE:  All theses, doctoral papers, and dissertations will be made available to the public online through ScholarSpace.  ScholarSpace is the institutional repository for the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and is maintained by Hamilton Library.  For any questions or concerns regarding the availability of the manuscripts or regarding ScholarSpace itself, please contact Hamilton Library at