Graduate Council

Nominated by the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Service and appointed by the Graduate Dean, members of the Graduate Council serve terms of three years. The council meets monthly and advises the Graduate Dean on matters related to graduate education. The council also reviews existing graduate programs, proposals for new graduate programs, and appointments of graduate faculty. The Graduate Dean chairs the Graduate Council.

Council Committees

The council has three standing committees: Administrative-Admissions-Advisory, Program, and Course Committees. The council also serves as the Graduate Academic Grievance Committee for matters pertaining to graduate students.

Council Composition

Members are selected to be broadly representative of the graduate programs at UHM, with one or two representatives from each school or college, depending on size, and one representative selected on a rotating basis from the smallest schools. In addition, the Graduate Student Organization and the Faculty Senate each have two seats. The following summarizes the composition of the Graduate Council:

  • Graduate Dean — Chair
  • Graduate Associate Dean — Vice-Chair
  • College of Business Administration — 2 members
  • College of Arts and Humanities — 2 members
  • College of Education — 2 members
  • College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature — 2 members
  • College of Natural Sciences — 2 members
  • College of Social Sciences — 2 members
  • Graduate Student Organization — 2 members *
  • College of Engineering — 1 member
  • School of Pacific and Asian Studies — 1 member **
  • School of Hawaiian Knowledge — 1 member **
  • School of Medicine — 1 member
  • School of Nursing — 1 member
  • School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology — 1 member
  • School of Social Work — 1 member
  • School of Travel Industry Management — 1 member **
  • College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources — 1 member
  • Faculty Senate Liaison — 2 members

* One member is the GSO president and the second member is selected by the GSO from elected officers and representatives.
 ** Member is selected on a rotating basis.

Council Minutes

Graduate Council Minutes 20150331.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20150217.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20150120.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20141014.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20140916.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20140410.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20140213.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20140130.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20131112.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20130912.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20130417.pdf
Graduate Council Minutes 20130220.pdf