Graduate Certificate

Below is an overview of general Graduate Division requirements for graduate certificates. Certificate programs may have additional requirements, contact the program for details.

Total Credit RequirementA minimum of 15 credits is required, three of which must be for a course required by the certificate program.
Credits for Courses numbered 600 or above (excluding 699 and Thesis 700)A minimum of nine credits is required.
Course ApplicabilitySee Credit Policies > Course Applicability.
Required GDGPA and GradesSee Grades & Regulations.
Culminating ExperienceA culminating experience is required. The certificate program will determine the nature of the experience. It may be an examination, a special course, a seminar presentation, a paper, a performance, or some other capstone experience. When a paper or project is required, it is typically offered as part of one of the courses counted toward the certificate.