Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad

Important Information for Fulbright-Hays Applicants

  1. Follow the rules for the proposal length exactly as written in the Federal Register Notice. Discrepancies may result in automatic disqualification.
  2. Follow the internal UH determined deadline, not what is listed for the Federal Register Notice.
  3. Read and follow all applications instructions very carefully and upload all information well in advance of the internal UH determined application deadline. The Project Director at Graduate Education will review your application and via ORS, submits all applicants’ materials. Note that the campus deadline is usually three to four weeks before the national deadline.
    • For questions directly related to the application, Fulbright Hays info, or criteria, please contact G5 Help directly.
    • For other questions, please contact the Project Director in Graduate Education.
  4. Do not finalize your application on-line until all of your references have submitted their letter. Final submission by you will lock out any other submissions. Be sure to heed the internal UH determined deadline for all materials.
  5. Check with the local embassy or consulate about how long it takes to get a student visa for the country in which you are applying, and what is required. Keep in mind that you should time your start date based on when you can reasonably expect to get your visa processed, once you get notice of the award.
  6. Affiliation with a university in the country where you will do your research is strongly recommended. It helps you get the Fulbright, and expedites the visa process. Find out how much it costs to be affiliated with a university, what the procedures are and how long this takes. Just a letter from a professor who is in the nation where you plan to study strengthens your chance of acceptance; but you should consider getting official affiliation paperwork once you are accepted and start to process your visa.
  7. If you are NOT in Hawai`i when you apply, find someone to print your application and all supporting documents (also pick up transcripts) for you. This makes the process simpler.
  8. You need to be ABD and in good standing by the time you travel and if a Committee on Human Subjects (CHS) approval is needed, you need to provide a CHS number before you can leave.
  9. If you are already in the country where you want to study, find out about extending or doing a status change for your visa rather than getting a whole new one. It is often much simpler and takes less time. Be sure to communicate with the Project Director about this.
  10. You need to submit a realistic budget. Remember to consider both American and in-country insurance costs when doing your budget. Some countries (such as Japan) require or strongly recommend that students have national insurance. Health care is also easier to obtain if you have in-country in addition to American coverage.
  11. When you budget for your airplane ticket, you should only research the costs of airfare. Do not book your ticket until your Grant Activation Request goes through. This might result in the cost increasing since sir fares change over time, but you should not pay for a ticket until you are certain to have the funds.
  12. Keep in mind that student insurance is billed August to August, and visas are usually for a year starting from the date they are issued. These dates may or may not coincide with your official start date for Fulbright-Hays. If the dates do not coincide, keep in mind that you will have to renew your visa and insurance, and again provide this information to your Project Director.