Final Ruling & Grievance Committee

Committee Composition

Convened by the Graduate Dean, the Graduate Grievance Committee (GGC) is a committee of the Graduate Council and students from the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). For any given appeal, this committee will consist of three council members who clearly have no conflict of interest and three graduate students, selected from a list of nominees submitted by the Graduate Student Organization. A chair from the convened members shall be named.

Appeal Handling

Upon receipt of an appeal, the Graduate Dean shall:

  1. transmit the appeal and any relevant documents to the GGC for discretionary review and recommendation; (Note: Should the GGC decide that no reasonable case exists, on the basis of all documents and records available to the committee, it reserves the right to refuse hearing the appeal.)
  2. upon receipt of the grievance, the committee shall review all relevant materials for the appeal and submit a written recommendation to the Graduate Dean within 14 working days.
  3. waive any and all specific time deadlines for a specific period, when there is evidence that a good-faith effort to meet the deadlines has been made.


Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Office

UH is an EEO/AA institution committed to providing a community free of discrimination, intimidation, harassment or violence. It is also committed to promoting diversity and accommodating persons with a disability. For issues dealing with discrimination or civil rights violation. For issues dealing with sexual harassment or assault, contact the Office of the Gender Equity Counselor and/or the Office of Title IX.