Criteria for Exceptions to Allow Rank 3 Tenure-Track Faculty to Chair Dissertation Committees

To request approval by exception for a Rank 3 tenure-track faculty member to chair a dissertation committee, the program graduate chair shall send a petition to the Associate Graduate Dean and attach a copy of the faculty member’s curriculum vitae.  An exception will be made only on an ad hoc basis, but once a probationary faculty member is approved for an exception, any subsequent petitions need only refer to the previous approval until the faculty member gains tenure.

The petition must specify the following:

  • The faculty member is willing to undertake the advising of PhD candidates.
  • S/He has engaged in sufficient scholarship to be capable of advising a doctoral student and/or has had sufficient experience to prepare him or her to mentor a doctoral student, either by having done so in a previous position or having served on other doctoral committees.
  • The faculty member meets a program need due to a shortage of faculty in an area of specialization or of tenured faculty overall.
  • This service is not likely to negatively impact the faculty member’s preparations for tenure and promotion.