Office of Gender Equity Contact Information

***NOTICE: While still able to provide advocacy services, the Gender Equity Specialist is currently only available by phone and email at the contact information listed on this page. If you prefer to speak with someone in person, there are various other resources that may be available to you, depending on your circumstances. Please see the “Resources” page on this website for other offices, both on and off campus, that may be able to assist you. Again, you may contact the Gender Equity Specialist by phone or email for advocacy services, general inquiries, or for a referral to someone on campus.***

The Office of Gender Equity can assist you if you believe you are currently experiencing or already have experienced any of the following:
• Sexual Harassment/Stalking
• Gender Discrimination
• Sexual Discrimination
• Sexual/Domestic Abuse or Violence

Call us to discuss your options (i.e. formal or informal reporting, seeking legal intervention, mediation) both within and without the UH System. We can offer referrals, counseling, and advocacy to fit your personal circumstance.

To arrange for a phone appointment, or to gather further information, please contact:

Jenna Friedman, J.D.
Gender Equity Specialist
Office of Gender Equity

We can help!

The Gender Equity Office is a LGBTI Safe Zone