Office of Gender Equity

  • President Obama has launched a public service campaign called "It's on Us," which is designed to combat campus sexual assaults by motivating students to do more to address this extremely serious issue.
  • Emma Watson, British actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, co-hosts a special event for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign.
  • 1 is 2 Many: President Obama, Vice President Biden, Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers and Steve Carell on putting an end to sexual assault.
  • Presidential Proclamation --- Twentieth Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act
  • Know Your IX
  • Not Alone: Protecting Students
  • Gender Violence & Activism: Your Rights, Your Role, & Your Career. Wednesday, October 29, 5pm-7pm.
  • More than 850 men, women, boys and girls turned out for the Men's March Against Violence!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an educational and work environment on the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s campus which is free from sexual harassment and discrimination by assisting students, faculty and staff with information, counseling and advocacy on matters relating to sexual harassment and discrimination.

Direct Services

The Gender Equity Specialist offers direct services to victims and survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assaults. We encourage you to contact our office if you have questions about our direct services.

General Inquiries

The Gender Equity Specialist also responds to general inquiries from students, staff, and faculty regarding situations potentially involving university community members.


The Gender Equity Specialist offers training to the campus population on interpersonal, inter-gender and cross-cultural communication, student, faculty and staff rights and responsibilities, and other issues relating to sexual harassment in academia, and interpretation of state and federal guidelines and procedures. In addition, the Gender Equity Specialist offers general sexual harassment awareness workshops to the UH Mānoa campus.