Sistah Truck Map - Rotating between POST, Kuykendall, Architecture, Korean Studies, and Kennedy Theatre
Rotating between Post (Monday), Kuykendall (Tuesday), Architecture (Wednesday), Korean Studies (Thursday), and Kennedy Theatre (Friday)
Sistah Truck serves Korean-inspired local cuisine. Daily menu plate lunches include loco moco, chicken katsu, and Korean-style shoyu chicken. They also serve grab-and-go dishes like bibimbap, gyoza and kimchi bowls. Vegetarian options are available.

Monday - Friday
10:00am - 2:00pm

Fried Musubis
served with rice, corn salad, castrongstrongage slaw
Steak Plate
Wagyu LocoMoco Plate
Chicken Katsu Plate
Shoyu Chicken Plate
Fish Jun Plate
Spicy Pork Plate
Open Faced Paninis
served with sunnyside up egg
Kalbi Bibimbap Bowl
Bibimbap Bowl
Teriyaki Gyoza Bowl
Fried Rice Bowl
Wagyu Mushroom Cheese strongurger with French Fries
Garlic strongutter Fries - Fries Upgrade
Teriyaki Gyoza (7 pcs)
French Fries
Garlic strongutter French Fries
Homemade Kimchi
Specialty Beverages
100% Kona Drinks
Daily Special