Rocket Coffee
Rocket Coffee Map - Rotating between Architecture, Korean Studies, Kennedy Theatre, POST, and Kuykendall
Rotating between Architecture (Monday), Korean Studies (Tuesday), Kennedy Theatre (Wednesday), Post (Thursday), and Kuykendall (Friday)
Rocket Coffee is blasting off on campus, out to boost your day with a premium selection of caffeinated drinks. Toting around drinks and eats in a1973 VW high top Adventurewagen, making it the coolest mobile eatery around. At Rocket Coffee, you're being treated to that coffee shop experience on the go, with a laid back atmosphere backed by a whole lot of goodness. But first, let's talk about that coffee. Rocket Coffee has concocted their own brand of cold brew, steeped for hours to give it a smooth taste sip by sip. But that's not all. They're also brewing hot drip coffee on the daily to add to the freshness, along with teas for you non-caffeinds out there. And we haven't even touched their food menu, chock full of goodies including açai bowls, peanut butter apple and coconut orange cereal, even ice cream and sundaes to treat your sweet tooth. To get an out of this world meal, find Rocket Coffee on the streets of Haleiwa and beyond, or invite 'em to cater your next event. Either way, it's well worth it.

Monday - Friday
7:00am - 1:00pm

Hot Coffee, Tea or CocoaAcai BowlBig Cookie
Iced Cold Brew CoffeeFruit CupBig Brownie
Iced Cold Brew LatteHot Oatmeal with FruitIce Cream Cone
Black or Green Iced TeaCold Cereal with FruitIce Cream Sundae
Lemonade or Orange JuiceCaramel AppleBanana Split
Coconute WaterPeanut Butter AppleSelf-Stir Malt
Fruit Infused WaterMixed NutsCold Brew Float
Rocket Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate Refills: $1 per ounce