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Requests for Service
Emergency Repairs
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Implementation of FacilityMax Online System
Requests for Service   (back to top)
Q: How do I submit a request for repair?
A: Beginning March 27, 2009, all incoming work requests must be submitted online via the eFacilities AiM system.

In an effort to automate and streamline operations and services, the Work Coordination Center will no longer be accepting paper Work Request forms. Training sessions for the AiM system are being offered and Users are strongly urged to attend prior to submitting online Work Requests.

Memos have been sent to the Manoa administration announcing this new procedure.

Q: What is the general procedure after I submit my request?
A: Requests are generally handled by designated Trades staff in the order in which it is received (subject to availability of parts, supplies, etc). In many cases, the assigned Trades professional may perform an evaluation of the work prior to the actual repair. It is at this point that a tentative timeline and possible costs may be determined.
Q: How do I follow-up on the status of my request?
A: Requests may be monitored online via the AiM system. Users may see all requests submitted, Work Orders in progress, and Work Orders that have been completed.
Q: What Work Request items are chargeable?
A: General repair and maintenance requests fall within the charge of the Office of Facilities & Grounds, and are therefore usually free of charge to the Manoa community*. Alterations, renovations, and other special services may incur a charge-back to the requesting department.

Example: Repair work for leaky faucets, existing electrical outlets, and light switches that are not operating, replacement of burnt light bulbs, etc. are not chargeable. Work Requests to add new outlet in a room, add bookshelves to a blank wall, add partition to a room, mounting televisions, installation of projector screens, etc. are chargeable items.

*Revenue-generating departments are excluded from this and shall be charged for any and all services requested from the Office of Facilities & Grounds.

Emergency Repairs   (back to top)
Q: What constitutes an “emergency” request?
A: While there are a variety of circumstances that may be classified with emergency status, requests submitted within the purview of emergency response shall be subject to evaluation and appropriate scheduling. Below are examples of emergency situations:
  • Air Conditioning outages that affect certain electronic equipment
  • Lights out/flickering/humming, ballasts
  • Serious leaks from toilets and faucets
  • Roof leaks on rainy days
  • Elevator Repair
  • Other repairs in which there exists a potential and/or actual risk to health and safety of personnel, or disruptions to security and/or regular operations.
Q: How do I report an emergency repair?
A: All emergencies should be reported by calling:
  • 956-7134 between 7:30 AM – 4:15 PM (Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays)
  • 956-6911 (Campus Security) after regular business hours.
Room Reservations   (back to top)
Q: How do I request a room for use during regular and evening hours?
A: Classrooms/Auditoriums, Monday through Friday,  Hours: 7:30am to 6:00pm
  • Admissions and Records, UH Scheduling Office (956-7953)**

Outreach College Courses for Summer Sessions and Fall/Spring Extension,  Hours: 6:00pm to 11:30pm
  • Outreach College, (956-7221), Email:**
**Months prior to the start of the semester, the Office of Admissions and Records requests information from departments regarding course schedules for the upcoming semester. The deadlines for submission of courses are the first Friday of September for the Spring semester and the last Friday of January for the Fall semester. Any special requests for media-equipped rooms must be submitted through the department chair and the dean in a separate memorandum attached to the department's course schedule. Include in your memo class size, type of media equipment needed, and frequency of use. Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of media-equipped classrooms on campus, some requests may not be fulfilled especially during the peak hours of 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.
Q: How do I request a room for use during all other (non-regular) hours?
A: Facilities Management Office, Work Coordination Center
(, Fax: 956-5385, 2002 East-West Road)
  • After-Hours, Weekends, Holidays and Semester Breaks
Please complete the FMO Room Request Form and submit for scheduling. For a list of available classrooms, click here

Fees are likely to apply for usage after-hours, weekends, holidays, and semester breaks.
Implementation of AiM Online System (formerly known as FacilityMax)  (back to top)
Q: When will I be required to submit requests via AiM?
A: Beginning May 27, 2009, all requests will be submitted on-line via the AiM system. At this time hard-copy requests shall no longer be accepted.
Q: Will I be able to track my request via AiM?
A: Through this online application, Requestors may track the status of their work request at any given point of the transaction. Training sessions are being offered to introduce this, and all other relevant features of AiM.
Q: What else do I need to know about AiM?
A: A software implementation of this nature shall automate and enhance many of the current processes within the Facilities Management Office. It reduces the need for hard-copy forms and print-outs considerably, streamlines the work flow by eliminating lengthy routing times and the need for manual follow-up.