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Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Goals!   (back to top)
Our mission is to improve the University by creating a world class learning environment. We aim to achieve this by:
  • Becoming the best in our field by applying our experience, knowledge and commitment as advocates and practitioners of practical and sustainable development of our campus facilities.

  • Developing the University community's awareness of the learning environment through improved planning, communications, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Achieving the University community's consensus of short-term and long-term campus planning. This includes five, ten, and twenty-five year facility plans and the development of public financial plans.

  • Serving Hawaii's goals to develop needed intellectual resources through the effective involvement of our campus facilities and environment as active teaching spaces and laboratories.
Our Organization   (back to top)

Office of Administrative Services (OAS)

Mission Statement:  We are dedicated to providing high quality support services by anticipating customer needs and expectations in a professional manner that supports the University's vision.

OAS provides the full range of administrative support services for the programs of Facilities Management, and includes the functions of budget preparation and execution, fiscal, purchasing (including campus-wide contracts), human resources and property management. OAS is responsible for:

  • Planning, forecasting and reporting the over $35 million budget.
  • Fiscal oversight of the UHM utility bills (electricity, water/sewer, gas and refuse).
  • Overseeing fiscal matters pertaining to Capital Improvements and special repair and maintenance projects.
  • Accounting transactions for chargeable work order requests.
  • Procurement of janitorial, landscaping and repair and maintenance supplies and equipment; administers campus-wide contracts, e.g., restroom paper products, elevator maintenance contracts, air-conditioning systems and chiller maintenance contracts.
  • Providing human resource management services for 353.00 authorized full-time equivalent positions.
  • Administering Facilities Management and its program's equipment inventory.

Buildings and Grounds Management (BGM)

Mission Statement: We are committed to maintaining the beauty of the physical environment of the University of Hawaii at Manoa through its janitorial and landscaping services.

The Buildings & Grounds Management Office (BGM) is responsible for the provision of janitorial and landscaping services for the University of Hawaii at Manoa's buildings and grounds including the collection and disposal of refuse, maintenance of walkways, roadways, and limited recycling activities. BGM's two sub-programs are:

  • Janitorial Services - The unit provides janitorial services for all upper campus facilities except for those programs that are self-supporting. Services include the daily cleaning of offices, classrooms, laboratories, restrooms, hallways/corridors and stairwells. Limited carpet cleaning and recycling activities are also provided.

  • Landscaping Services - The unit provides for the maintenance, care, and upkeep of lawns, trees, shrubs and hedges, courtyards, walkways and roadways situated on the main upper campus. Further, the unit repairs and maintains the sprinkler system, provides refuse and bulk rubbish collection and disposal, bulk recycling, maintains a small nursery, and provides plants for special events. Check out our Landscape Committee Page.

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