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Activity: Tide Formation—Gravitational Pull

Graph the combined effect of tidal changes caused by the sun and the moon during a spring tide and a neap tide.

Activity: Sendai, Japan Tsunami Animation

Predict and observe the wave properties of the Sendai tsunami.

Activity: Coastal Engineering

Waves move sand and rocks in predictable ways, which can guide safe beach activity and building practices. Investigate the effect of coastal engineering and offshore building designs on a shoreline.

Activity: Coastline Wave Tank

Investigate the influence of waves along a coastline.

Activity: Beach Profile Mapping

Make a beach profile, or side view, showing the shape of the beach. You can use the same procedure to make a profile of the area outside your classroom.

Activity: Wave Patterns in a Ripple Tank

Use a ripple tank to observe various properties of propagating waves including interference, reflection, refraction, and diffraction.

Activity: Locating Surf Breaks

There are surf breaks all over the Pacific ocean basin. Using your knowledge of breaking waves and wave properties, investigate why certain surf breaks are good for surfing.

Activity: Simulate Deep-Water, Transitional, and Shallow-Water Waves

Use a long wave tank to create and observe the differences between deep-water, transitional, and shallow-water waves.


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