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Activity: What’s in a Name?

Create names for 15 species of sharks and compare them with the actual scientific and common names.

Activity: Simulate Natural Selection

Model how variation in prey color and predator foraging affects survival and reproduction of a prey population.

Activity: Stability of Water Layers

Winds blowing on the surface ocean generate forces that move water. Observe the effects of wind-generated forces on the water surface. Investigate the stability of water layers under wind stress.

Activity: Climate Comparison

Compare the climates of cities at different latitudes near large bodies of water with cities at similar latitudes but without large bodies of water nearby.

Activity: Sea Level and Gravitational Flow

Simulate the interaction of bodies of water at different heights.

Activity: Build a Drifter

Drifters are used to measure current speed below the surface of the water. Speed can be calculated by measuring the time it takes a drifter to travel a known distance. Build a drifter to measure water flow at a beach, river, lake, or manmade channel.

Activity: Current Observation Methods

Explore different ways of measuring water currents and understand the effects of currents on stationary objects.

Activity: The Effects of Pressure

Simulate the effects of pressure on a free diver’s body by using a syringe system.


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