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Activity: Parts Per Thousand

Make a diagram showing the concentration of elements in seawater.

Activity: Concentration and Dilution

Determine how the amount of dissolved substances in solutions, or concentration, is expressed and how concentration affects a solution.

Activity: Organizing the Elements

Develop a system of organization for common elements by physical properties.

Activity: Electrolysis of Water

Explore the composition of water using electrolysis. For an electrical current to flow, a circuit has to be complete. A circuit can consist of a battery and two wires connected to electrodes that go into a solution.

Activity: Matter Concept Map

Create a concept map of basic chemical terms.

Activity: Measuring Salinity

Construct and standardize a hydrometer. This hydrometer is a tool that can be used in many activities and should be constructed solidly.

Activity: Water Layers

Make graphs showing vertical temperature profiles of the Pacific ocean basin.

Activity: Density Bags

Test the effects of salinity and temperature on the floating and sinking of liquid samples in bags.


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