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Activity: Observing Fish Scales

Use your observation and investigation skills to investigate different types of fish scales.

Activity: What is a Fish?

There is an astounding diversity of fish in the ocean, rivers, and lakes. Look at different groups of aquatic animals to build a working definition of fish.

Activity: Whale Feeding Strategies

Investigate the various feeding strategies used by mysticete and odontocete cetaceans.

Activity: Insulation in Marine Mammals

Investigate the role of marine mammal blubber and fur in maintaining internal body temperature.

Activity: Measuring Whale Dimensions

Use dimensional scaling to model how marine mammal biologists measure the size of large marine mammals in the wild.

Activity: Identifying Cetaceans

Develop your own dichotomous key to identify various cetacean species.

Activity: In Cold Blood

Investigate how ectothermic organisms such as reptiles use behavior to regulate body temperatures.

Activity: Identifying Sea Turtles

Use a dichotomous key to correctly identify sea turtles down to the level of individual species.

Activity: Alert and Escape Behavior

Understand the distance at which a bird becomes alert to a nearby animal and at which it decides to escape. This demonstrates an important anti-predator behavior.

Activity: Local Bird Guide

For species of marine birds in your area, create a local bird field guide with a dichotomous key and species summaries.


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