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Further Investigations: Circulation in Marginal Seas and Estuaries

  1. Research some of the similarities and differences between circulation in marginal seas, estuaries, and lakes.
  2. There are many different ways to classify estuaries. Research how estuaries can be classified by geology, for example, coastal plain estuaries, fjord estuaries, tectonic estuaries, and bar-built estuaries. Give an example of each of these types of estuaries.
  3. Investigate how aquatic organisms have adapted to live in marginal seas and estuaries where salinity and sedimentation conditions vary.
  4. Research an estuary or marginal sea near you. What types of circulation patterns occur? Does the circulation pattern change with the seasons?
  5. Research some of the human impacts that threaten estuaries, such as draining and filling wetlands, sedimentation, and eutrophication.
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