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  1. How do I update my profile and add my photo?
    Look in the top right corner of the EOFE website. Click on “Edit” to add information to your profile, change passwords, or upload a photo. If you click on “My Account” you can see what others see about you.
  2. How do I find activities for my students?
    Search for the topic of an activity you are hoping to find in the search box on the top right corner of the site. This will show you all site content containing the words you have searched for. To search for particular types of content (e.g. activities, special features, teacher comments, NGSS standards), you can start with text (e.g. wave) in the search box, or you can leave the search box blank. Click the search icon, and a list of advanced search filter options will appear on the right-hand side. You can then filter (and un-filter) options to find the content you are interested in.
  3. How do I find content aligned to standards?
    1. Type the standard (or relevant key words) you are interested in into the search box and click the search icon (magnifier glass) next to the search box.
    2. You can also filter content based on standards using the search filters (right hand side bar that comes up when you click the search icon). You may narrow your search further by entering search terms in the search box (e.g. standards terms or even a topic like “waves”).
    3. In addition, you can navigate to the standards module from the home page or from the right-hand table of contents and browse for content aligned to standards of your interest.
  4. How do I make a comment on the website?
    At the bottom of any topic page, click the blue “start a conversation” callout bubble. Title your comment, write your thoughts, and categorize your comment by attaching a tag. You may also attach worksheets or other resources you created that you want to share with other teachers to your comment. See FAQ number 7 for instructions on “sharing and uploading.” Note that you must be a member of the community to make a comment. To learn more about the community and to sign up, click here.
  5. How do I review an activity?
    Rate and write reviews of activities on activity pages. At the bottom of any activity page, click on the blue callout bubble that says “write a review.” From there, choose the appropriate number of drops (from 1–5) to rate the activity, 5 drops is the best! Next, write a title for your review. Lastly, use the main box to write your review. You can share what you did, how you altered the activity, or any other thoughts you may have. You may also attach worksheets or other resources you created that you want to share with other teachers. See FAQ number 7 for instructions on “sharing and uploading.” Note that you must be a member of the community to review an activity. To learn more about the community and to sign up, click here.
  6. Why can’t I comment directly in the Teacher Community?
    The Teacher Community is an area that collects and displays all reviews, comments and conversations happening within the EOFE website. You may reply to comments within the Teacher Community, but you cannot start a conversation there. To start a conversation, navigate to the content you are interested in (use the Table of Contents, the search feature, or the module choices on the home page to find appropriate content) and post your question or comment in the relevant section.
  7. How do I share (upload) a worksheet or other resource I created?
    When you write a review or comment, click the word “Upload” at the bottom of the post box. Click “Choose File” to get the item from your computer. Be sure the item is your own work, and be sure that references, images, etc. are properly credited. Read the agreement and copyright information in the “I certify that:” section carefully and click the “I certify that:” box. The upload box will then turn blue. Click the blue upload box, and your item will be attached to your post.
  8. How can I find comments and reviews made by me or another specific user?
    Click on a user’s name to view information about the user and to see a list of comments and reviews they have posted.
  9. What is “Workshop Resources”, and why can’t I open it?
    This part of the website was created specifically for teachers who are part of professional development programs. To learn more about upcoming professional development opportunities, go to this page.
  10. Why can’t I see comments or reviews? Why can’t I get into the Teacher Community?
    Comments, reviews and the teacher community are restricted to members over 18 years of age. To learn more about the community and to sign up, click here.
Exploring Our Fluid Earth, a product of the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG), College of Education. University of Hawaii, 2011. This document may be freely reproduced and distributed for non-profit educational purposes.