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Further Investigations: Properties of Matter

  1. How does cobalt chloride paper work? Research what causes the color change in cobalt chloride paper in the presence of water.
  2. Look at a label of a food product you have at home. What type of matter is the food? What type of matter is each of the ingredients?
  3. Research what other substances, in addition to water, can exist naturally on earth in at least three states of matter. What substances can exist naturally in two different states? What substances exist primarily in only one state?
  4. How are the compounds in Table 1.3 formed from the elements they are composed of? What happens when these compounds are formed that tells us a chemical change has taken place?
  5. Beach sand is a mixture. Research the components of beach sand. What elements and compounds is it composed of?
  6. Are physical and chemical changes always clear-cut? Research examples of changes of cases where it is not easy to determine whether a physical or chemical change has occurred.
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