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Further Investigations: Elemental Abundance

  1. In different fields of science, different units are standard. Research different units for concentration, for example parts per million (ppm), and which field(s) of science use this measurement. How is this unit of concentration used?
  2. Investigate the economic importance of the major, minor, and trace elements in seawater. What happens to living things that do not get enough of these elements?
  3. Research and describe the abundance of elements in the atmosphere and/or the universe. Compare the elements in this system to the elements in the Earth’s crust, seawater, the sun, or the human body (Table 2.5).
  4. Are the concentrations of any of the elements in the earth’s crust, seawater, the sun, or the human body (Table 2.5) similar to the concentrations of the drink mix in any of the cups in the Concentration and Dilution Activity? Which ones?

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