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Voice of the Sea: Corals

Voice of the Sea highlights ocean research and careers. Voice of the Sea TV episodes are 30 minutes long, with online extensions of various length. All episodes are available through



Corals in a Changing World (TV Episode)

In this episode, scientist Ruth Gates talks about why corals are dying at alarming rates across the world. She explains the effects that coral reefs have on the food chain as well as the role science can play in trying to save coral reefs.

Building Supercorals (TV Episode)

In this episode we're at the Gump Research Station, on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia, checking out the molecular lab. They're studying corals, fresh from the reef, for long-term studies that will teach us about the future of the ocean. We'll learn about the research they're doing and get a tour of the science equipment.

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